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Records Digitization

Document Imaging & Scanning

Large amounts of physical documents are difficult to manage and time consuming to look for. Transforming them to digital formats is helpful; however Scanning 100% of your documents is rarely a practical or cost-effective strategy. This is where Packways Logistics comes in. We offer data imaging and scanning solutions keeping in mind the client needs in the most cost effective manner. We use the latest technology, to scan images of documents to multiple formats such as TIFF, GIFF, PDF and JPEG with different Optical and Output resolutions. Scanned documents can also be indexed by sophisticated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software which eases searching scanned document indices quick and easy and with specific keyword searches.

On Demand Document Imaging: Most of your records will be stored with at our records facility. If you want to only refer to a single invoice or a receipt, you can send us authorization and we have the record scanned and e-mailed to you.

Backlog & Ongoing, Complete Document Imaging: Some organizations choose to convert all or part of their records into the digital format for back up or reference purpose. We provide cost effective packages for bulk digitization projects.