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Record Storage

On Site & Off Site Records Management

Records Management is not only about storing records in an office or an offsite warehouse. It is more about organising your records in such a manner that you can retrieve your data easily without wasting time and effort or incurring more cost.

We recommend off-site storage as the storage environment is more safe and secure and also helps save on saving time in searching and cost of real estate and labour.

For On-site storage, we undertake turnkey projects if you have the space and want to keep records in your office. We setup a Records Center at your premises where all your records will be organised and arranged in a systematic manner. Our person will manage your records center and process all the records request. This will help us keep a full record activity and audit trail of each records request through use of barcode labels, barcode scanners and signed receipts.

We also train your staff to organise, manage and store the records to streamline the records system in your organisation.

Our Work Process

We sort, index, barcode your documents and files and store them in special cartons with a lid. The size of each carton will be 17”(L) x 14”(W) x 12” (H). Our boxes do not have pins which increases its life span as there would be no rusting of pins. Our person will prepare the inventory for each box & pack the records in the boxes. Each carton has a unique number with an inventory sheet inside showing the contents of the carton, after which they will be sealed.

Each box inventory is indexed in our custom records and inventory management system and a softcopy is provided to the client. You also have access to your record details online via using the unique User ID and password provided at the time of signing of the contract.

Cost effective records management

Records Retention Policy:

If you are storing records on-site and are falling short of space, then you know there is one thing you are missing a “records retention policy”. Our trained staff helps you prepare a retention schedule for each record to ensure you receive destruction alerts when any record completes its retention period. This helps sort and manage your records and save that extra space and money by destroying the old non-essential records.