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Data Processing

Data Capturing and Data Processing:

Manual keying services is typically required for the capture of metadata from unstructured and semi-structured forms. Packways Logistics intensive Quality Assurance program for data capture/data entry/indexing projects guarantees high accuracy for single entry work.

In many cases, Packways Logistics can improve data capture speed while lowering labor costs by implementing automated data entry solutions.

The need to process hundreds or thousands of forms daily can quickly become an expensive headache and a distraction from core business.

Packways Logistics offers Manual Data Entry services provided by experienced data entry experts specifically trained to meet your business requirements

  • Structures form processing – Commonly insurance forms, tax returns, voting ballots and standardized tests have a consistent structure, with every data field located in the same place. Consequently, structured forms are the easiest to process with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engines, and generate excellent accuracy rates for data capture.
  • Unstructured form processing – Information found in semi-structured documents is consistent. For example, invoices will normally have a vendor name and address, a tax I.D. number, a total amount due, and an invoice number and date. However, this information can be placed anywhere on a wide variety of forms from different vendors.
  • Invoice document processing – Loads of invoices are received daily from vendors. Invoices vary in design, in format and in the location of critical business information, such as vendor name and address, tax I.D. numbers, amounts due, and invoice numbers and dates. Our processing services for invoices helps eliminate late fees and captures early payment discounts.