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In the year 2002, a company was created with a vision to provide innovative solutions within the entertainment and media industry. What has come to fruition from this is the fact that they have worked with leading Fortune 500 companies across the world, and are therefore, understandably rated as amongst the top event management and media solutions companies in India.

The Challenges

With clear vision they grew the company and projected were lined up but this created few hiccups at the backend. There were huge number of documents being created every day with every project and they faced the issue of storage as their office. They hired a space for storing their files but that again became a mess with files being mixed with different years and project files. They started feeling that the records could not be found in time and found it very difficult to track them. During audits it made it tough for the employees to search for records as they were not aware which documents were stored where.

The solution

In 2012, they hired Packways Logistics to manage and reduce their cost of records management. We sorted their records in a systematic manner – categorized them into department and year. The files were bar-coded and packed into special cartons to enable tracking of the same. We provided them digital inventory so that they can search and request for records by just an email.

Tracing records became easier for them as we provided them regular request sheets which helped the directors to know the file movement in their company.


This system has been well appreciated by the directors as this has streamlined their records & saved them time in searching for records. Their records management cost has also been reduced by 60% after implementing our solution in their organisation. The director feels that our records facility is as per the international standards and their records are stored in a very safe and secure manner. Offsite storage of records at our records facility has enabled them to utilize their expensive office space in better.