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One of our clients is the leading companies in the field of Electric PVC Products and market leaders since 1979. The group comprises of 8 companies with the distribution done in the national & international markets.

The Challenges

With 8 companies under the group, there were issues in managing the records & tracking of files. Files were being stored in dedicated cabins for every company but the inventory of the files was not available, which made it difficult to ensure that the files have been received from the warehouse or it had been accessed by someone from the office. There was no method of tracking the files which had been removed from the storage facility have return to the allotted storage space. Vouchers were being accessed from the files for audit purpose & were not being filed again after the audit was completed.

There was an issue of duplicity of documents which were being repeatedly filed. The chairman of the company stressed on less handling of the Original documents of the company as they were sensitive & confidential.

The solution

Packways Logistics was brought in to manage the records of their group and act as a records department. The records were sorted & arranged company-wise & year-wise as per their requirements. The files are stored in cartons & are bar-coded to ensure tracing of the same. The physical & electronic inventory gave our client a clear idea about what records are available with them & what are at the factory premises.

Request for every file has been logged by us & these are then tracked. Vouchers of every file are Xerox for audit purpose & returned back to the file. This ensures that no voucher goes missing & all the files are returned back to the file. The chairman of the company directly receives the reports of the files been accessed along with the purpose of request.

Digitizing of the Original Documents has been a major step for our client towards reducing paper & energy in searching for the document in the files & making a copy. Records have been scanned and the files have been labelled – so that the location of these original files are also know (which cabin – which cupboard has the file been stored).


This system has been well appreciated by the chairman himself as this has streamlined their records & time which was earlier being wasted by employees to search for records, can is now being utilized to complete their work. Scanning of documents has provided access of documents to their authorized employees and records are only a click away for reference or any other purpose.