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Frequently Asked Questions

Technology hasn’t eliminated paper completely. In many cases it has created even more! The management of paper costs your business time and money, and the risk of mismanagement can be a substantial liability. With increasing government regulations you are required to maintain documents for regular audits and in the paper format.

A records management company can help you manage all of these issues

Records management can include storage, scanning, archiving, online backup, integration and – when necessary – destruction of all types of media, electronic files, digital files, imagery, film and other physical property.

Packways Logistics’s integrated Records Management Solutions cover the 4 pillars of records management: physical record storage, data protection, document imaging and secure destruction.

Not really – records management is just as crucial to smaller, emerging companies as it is to larger ones. In fact, small companies face the same regulatory and compliance requirements as large ones, but often lack the resources to meet these requirements efficiently and securely. A trusted records management provider is an extremely important partner for companies of all sizes.

We are often asked whether external archive storage is expensive. Our answer is: in almost all cases external archive storage is cheaper than doing it yourself. Some of the internal archiving costs include office space, electricity, heating and staff for managing and handling of the archive. By eliminating these costs external storage is most likely cheaper than storing your archives internally.

Moreover, in the majority of cases an internal archive is not as secure against burglary, water, fire, and pests.

Finally, with internal archiving often there is no document management presence, leading to a lack of accountability and traceability of files.

Your archive contains documents that are of great value to you. Packways implements the highest security measures to protect your files against fire, water and other damage. Our security procedures are always checked:

  • RCC Record Centres with 4 feet above the ground level
  • Pest-prevention system
  • CCTV cameras for security and surveillance
  • Restricted access control and security through biometric finger print readers
  • Use of latest fire security systems – Fire alarms and Fire sensors along with strategically placed fire extinguishers.

One of the main benefits of digital imaging is that it drastically reduces the time it takes to access your records. Digital imaging reduces your storage costs and space. Also, digital imaging is beneficial for companies that have multiple locations with several employees that need access to the same information.

No. It is not cost-effective to scan documents that are scheduled for destruction or documents that are not accessed frequently. Our staff will consult with you to determine which records should be scanned.

We can scan a variety of documents and sizes, some of which include letter, legal and blueprints.

Indexing is key to the easy retrieval of electronic records. You should index your records according to the information that will be needed in order to retrieve the record. We can assist you in creating your indexing system. We offer customised indexing based on your company’s needs. Also, we offer an OCR option to help with the search and retrieval of your electronic records.

Yes. We offer a customised, web-based document management program for instant access to your records.

Go Green! – With many companies going for the “Green Theme”, they are looking at options to reduce paper in their work processes. Thus they have opted for digitizing their records which they require most for daily operations.

Firstly, this will help eliminate document duplication and multiple xeroxes of the same page which is no longer required and reduce their file sizes considerably.

Secondly, this is a more futuristic approach which will help streamline their daily operations and avoid any misplacement of any record.

Thirdly, digitizing company post / couriers will also help their cause of going green as this will directly be E-mailed to them and the paper will be stored at our records facility.

Protection – Peace of Mind:

As the leader in the industry, Packways Logistics can provide secure storage for all your physical documents and digital information, and give you fast and easy access to the records / files when you need them. When you are done with this information, we can securely destroy it for recycling. In addition, Packways Logistics can provide high-level protection for your company’s data, so you can rest assured it is protected against disaster, theft, and breach. And, if you do suffer a loss of data at your business, you can have peace of mind knowing your information is safely backed up and can be replaced almost immediately.

Efficiency – Time and Cost Savings:

Your employees and resources can be dedicated to core business activities rather than managing and searching for records. Storing documents and information off-site also frees up valuable storage space and equipment in your facility. With our expertise, you can manage your information and documents more efficiently and effectively, ultimately achieving the maximum cost efficiency.

Packways Logistics has been in the records management business since 2010 and continues to grow as a financially sound and viable leader in the industry.

Our integrated Records Management Solutions cover the 4 pillars of records management: physical record storage, data protection, document imaging and secure destruction.

Packways Logistics provides tailored records management solutions to customers across a breadth of industries and of all sizes – from Banking and Finance to Healthcare and Insurance to Legal and other business services.

Packways Logistics maintains the highest standards for facility construction and maintenance in the records management industry. We continuously invest in our Records Centres – adopting remotely monitored alarm systems, digital closed-circuit TV systems, fire detection and biometric access controls to uphold the highest standards of security and safety.

Packways Logistics will work closely with you to understand your business processes, and your records management needs. We will consider every aspect of your company’s document lifecycle and after analysing, will propose a tailored records management solution designed to address your specific needs.
Contact Us to find the solution that is right for you.

To request an original document, our customers can place their request via Packways Logistics On-line Solution or send an email to have the physical document delivered as quickly as possible.

Physical records management solutions refer to the retrieval, indexing, storage, and delivery of actual hard-copy paper documents.

Digital document management solutions involve converting physical documents into digital format for easy retrieval and integration into business systems and network.

Digital Solutions provide a number of strategic benefits, including:

  • Cost savings on storage
  • Immediate, simultaneous access by multiple users across multiple locations who might require documents in varying media formats
  • Increased productivity and transactional activities by eliminating downtime in waiting, streamlining touch points, and improving overall workflow
  • Reduced risk from losing valuable information contained in original documents
  • Increased protection from theft, encroachment, or natural disaster
  • Consistency and compliance with local and national regulations
  • Reduced environmental impact

We make sure that we customize our service as per every customers requirements so that we it provides a perfect fit for their organisation. Our services are very cost effective and helps you save more than 60% of your records handling cost. Contact us today to help us provide a solution suited best for your organisational needs.

By partnering with Packways Logistics to destroy sensitive or confidential materials, you can gain significant peace of mind knowing your documents are destroyed with absolute security and confidentiality.