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Client's Speak

“Job well done by Packways India!”
Mr. Jay Pandya
(Muscat to Mumbai)
Date: 06/08/2016

“The entire staff were very professional and neat with the work. There was no area of confusion or concern. Excellent work!”
Mr. Prasad
(New Delhi to Noida)
Date: 13/07/2016

“Excellent service ! Will recommend to others also”
Mr. Gupta
(Baroda to Noida)
Date: 08/07/2016

“Overall good impression and Packways India staff is very helpful”
Mr. Sebastien
(Bangalore to Meyzieu, France)
Date: 22/06/2016

“Very Professionally moved door to door”
Mr. Suresh Ganda
(UAE to Chennai)

Date: 02/05/2016

“Packways India are great movers. They provided the quote really quickly and it was much lower than the other so called star movers. They shipped the consignment quickly. Due to mishandling by the airlines, two boxes got lost but due to timely intervention by Packways India. I was able to receive my claim in full from the insurance company. Highly recommended”
Mr. Manoj Gupta
(Mumbai to New York, USA)

Date: 08/11/2013”

“Thank you very much, I am very satisfied with the service & professional manner in which everything was handled. I will definitely recommend the company to my colleagues!”
Mrs. Paola Honorati
(Zimbabwe to New Delhi, India)

Date: 06/11/2013”

“Very efficient. Arrived on time, great job!”
Mr. Sanat Karve
(UK to Pune, India)

Date: 12/09/2013”

“Packways delivered the goods as promised on time & handled it very efficiently”
Mr. Gunavel Rathinam
T.D. Williamson

(Singapore to Mumbai)

Date: 05/09/2013”

“Packways are reliable & extremely co-operative.”
Mr. S. P. Rajkumar
(Doha, Qatar to Bangalore, India)

Date: 12/06/2013”

“This job is done with perfection”
Mr. V.S. Sathish Kumar
Total Oil India Pvt. Ltd.

(Chennai to Mumbai)

Date: 27/04/2013”

“I have used this company on three occasions and have been very satisfied.”
Mrs. Linsey Gordon
(Mumbai to Kent, UK)

Date: 18/04/2013

“Overall opinion of moving method is excellent. Just to keep it up”
Mr. Kshitij Gupta
(Gurgaon, India to Singapore)

Date: 22/03/2013”

“Excellent, Thanks a lot”
Mr. Tai Sik Hong

(Mumbai to Mumbai)

Date: 18/03/2013”

“Happy and Satisfied and impressed with the packing”
Mr. Sudhir Arora
(New Delhi, India to Singapore)

Date: 08/03/2013”

“Your service in India has been more than excellent. Your team has been absolutely fantastic from custom clearance to unpacking and placing of my things.”
Mrs. Vinita Chawla
(Spain to New Delhi, India)

Date: 06/03/2013”

“Work was done well & to my satisfaction”
Mrs. Renuka Raiji Fernandes
(Mumbai, India to Perth, Australia)

Date: 06/02/2013”

“I am very happy with the co-ordinating people and the staff. Everybody was very curtious”
Mrs. Seema Buhhani
(Mumbai, India to Dubai)

Date: 23/03/2012”

“Extremely punctual. Much appreciated”
Mr. Neil Dyason
Singapore High Commission

(Singapore to New Delhi)
Date: 4/08/2010

“Excellent Experience”
Mr. Bryan Winston
Development Innovations Group

(Chennai to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

“Job very well done ”
Mr. Thomas Laberer
The Leela

(Mumbai to Beijing, China)
Date: 31/03/2009

“Very Good”
Caitlin Wiesen
UNDP India

(Sri Lanka to New Delhi)
Date: 17/09/2010

“Overall Good work”
Mr. Walter Burge
UNDP India

(Sri Lanka to New Delhi)

“It seemed like a big difficult job to do! I am amazed at how you and your staff accomplished all that you did to make our move successful. And so professionally..thank you so much!”
Mr. James Erickson

(Mumbai to California)
Date: 28/04/2009

“Very good work, very professional”
Mr. Sikander Siraj

(Abu Dhabi to Mumbai)
Date: 17/09/2010

“Very Good job..keep up the good work”
Ms. Lakshmi Jambukeswaran

(Chennai to Calgary, Canada)
Date: 23/06/2010

“Good handling....Overall good job done”
Mr. Mayank Singla

(Canada to Bangalore)
Date: 21/06/2010

“Good Job”
Mr. Ravi Kandikonda
Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

(USA to Bangalore)
Date: 22/07/2010

“We are very happy about the service”
Mr. M.K. Ranganath

(Bagdad to Bangalore)
Date: 25/06/2010

“Very Polite & very Helpful”
Mr. Dieter Renner

(Chennai to Germany)
Date: 15/06/2010

“An experienced & professional packing crew....done an excellent job. Keep up the good work”
Col. Perdit Kumar Tiwari
Singapore High Commission

(New Delhi to Singapore)
Date: 27/04/2010

“Good work”
Mr. Tobias Peuker
HDFC Ergo General Insurance Co. Ltd.

(Germany to Mumbai)
Date: 27/03/2010

“Very Courteous & patient crew..great job”
Mr. Rohan Rakondath
Marriot International

(Dubai to Mumbai)

“Good Job”
Joseph A. Correia
J.P. Morgan

(New York, USA to Mumbai)
Date: 05/03/2010

“Excellent & Keep it up”
Mr. S.K. Raj,
Multitex Filtration

(The Netherlands to New Delhi, India)
Date: 26/02/2010

“Good work”
Reetika Joshi,

(Germany to India)
Date: 6/12/2009

“Moving into the apartment was good”
Mrs. Shikha Doogal
(Dubai to Gurgaon, India)
Date: 09/09/2009

“Good service”
S. Haja Alavudeen,
Dubai World

(Dubai to Chennai, India)

“Good job done”
Mr. Zaheer Basha,
Emirates Airlines

(Dubai to Hyderabad, India)

“Would recommend for future work”
Mr. Zarir J. Daruwalla
(Dubai to Mumbai, India)
Date: 16/01/2010

“I will recommend your crew anytime ”
Mr. Mackly Doshi
(USA to Pune, India)
Date: 06/02/2010

“Your crew did an excellent job”
Mr. Sajeed M. Talgharkar,

(Mumbai, India to Doha, Qatar)
Date: 17/12/200

“Good work done”
Mr. Herman
(Germany to Gurgaon, India)
Date: 25/11/09

“Job well done, Thanks alot!”
Mr. Mohsin Baldiwale
(Sharjah to Pune, India)
Date: 28/11/09

“Excellent response, courteous service and very responsible handling”
Mr. Prasad Mamidanna, Spectra Innovations
(Singapore to Bangalore, India)
Date: 30/12/09

“Crew did a great job”
Mr. Selden Swan
(Detroit Michigan, USA to Chennai, India)

“Satisfied by your work!”
Mr. D.K. Kundu, Bank of Baroda
(Fiji Island to Mumbai, India)
Date: 23/12/09

“Excellent service with professional people. Good work!”
Mr. Vijay Kumar, Total Petroleum
(Fiji to Mumbai, India)
Date: 28/11/09

“Overall experience was good. Good service”
Mr. Vipin Jethi
(Dubai to Gurgaon, India)

“Crew was courteous & professional”
Mr. Vijay Krishnan
(Dubai to Chennai, India)
Date: 30/11/09

“Very good job”
Mr. Sario
(Dubai to Mumbai, India)
Date: 22/09/2009

Ms. Rashmi Sonthalia
(Dubai to Kolkata, India)
Date: 4/08/09

“Satisfied but scope for improvement”
Dr. Archana
(Dubai to Bangalore, India)
Date: 29/09/09

“Excellent work!”
Oden Catherine, Atout France
(Japan to Mumbai, India)
Date: 5/12/09

“All in good condition. Excellent and very efficient crew”
Mr. Satish
(USA to Chennai, India)
Date: 01/12/09

“This is the 3rd time I am using this company. Excellent servie.”
Anne Dottermor , FEDEX
(Mumbai, India to Antwerp, Germany)
Date: 04/06/09

“Excellent staff, very pro-active”
Mr. Kenneth Koval, FEDEX
(Belgium to Mumbai, India)
Date: 20/11/09

“Excellent ! Much appreciated”
Mr. Michael Richard Hainy
(USA to Gurgaon, India)
Date: 15/12/09

“We are happy with the service”
(Doha, to Chennai, India)
Date: 31/10/09

“Crew is good, polite and hard working”
Mr. M.D. Khurbathulla Khan
(Harihar, India to Doha)
Date: 8/10/09

“Excellent, I will recommend Packways to all my collegues. Very good experience”
Dr. Chandreshekhar S.M., GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
(Dubai to Mumbai, India)
Date: 04/09/09

“Today I received my shipment of goods that had been ‘missing’ for sometime since leaving New York in November’08. I am grateful for the efficient actions of all in your company who made this possible and kept me informed. I have only highest praise for my dealings with
Packways India.”

Rita Palmer
(New York to New Zealand)
Date: 01/05/09

“Just wanted to say thank you all for your hard work in getting my shipment back to me. I can’t thank you enough for making sure all our stuff got here intact just the way we had shipped it from New York. Your perseverance and dedication to what you do and to genuinely helping me is remarkable.”
(New York, USA to Mumbai, India)
Date: 05/05/09