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Why Choose Packways India?

It’s important to know the items that need to be moved. We provide free of cost survey where a visit from our trained consultant is arranged at your house at your convenience. He will carry out a detailed survey which will help us provide you our best quotation.

Moving House Or Office

Moving your house is the biggest decision that you may ever take in your life. It means uplifting yourself from your settled life and go into a completely new location. Relocation may be for reasons like wanting a bigger space, shifting to a better locality or work reasons. No matter what the reason may be you have made that space your home by adding memories and every part of the house is special for you.

We at Packways India realise the importance and the sentimental value of all the items we move. We pay extra attention to details and ensure your peace of mind while you move. Our motto “Help you move with a smile” has been the core of all our operations be is moving you across the road or a different city or internationally.

Moving abroad is never easy as you are leaving your home behind and going to a new country with the entire process taking around 45 – 60 days (depending on the country you relocating to). It is tough for a client as he is concerned about the handling of his household goods during the long transit time. Packways India understands the concern of every client and this is why we initiate the process of the move with giving our client a brief about how the process of relocation will be and what are the custom procedures and documentations required. Having discussed this with the client they feel eased and they realise that their move in safe hands of a professional company who are well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle an International move.

With our expertise we are able to provide and serve the every type of international move. We have more than 40 years of experience in this industry and this helps us to meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements for their move. We are a one stop shop for all relocation services. We offer door to door services which provides our customers one less thing to stress about during their relocation. Through our extensive network of carefully selected agents and trained personnel around the world, we clear the necessary documentation formalities and ensure punctual delivery at your destination when you are ready.

We at Packways India are experts at corporate and office relocations. With the constant demand for moving in corporates, we have a separate department dedicated for corporate relocations and we make sure that every move is handled with utmost care. Our professional team is able to handle time sensitive moves and also cater to the special request of our clients for carrying out the move.

Relocating offices have always been a difficult task for the organisations but Packways India makes it easy! Our professional team organises a detailed survey and discusses the entire move process with the move co-ordinator. Once the client has been briefed with the move plan we initiate our systematic packing process so that every department is packed and is moved to the right space in the new office.

Our crew members are able to handle complicated office relocation in the shortest time. Trained to move anything from a detailed sequential filing system to a complete library, special office furniture to expensive and delicate office automation products, the Packways India movers have done it all, many times over and successfully. Our services do not end there, while you take the weekend off, lie back and relax, the efficient Packways India crew reinstalls your office in sequence. So, on Monday morning when you walk back to your office in a new place, you can start exactly where you left off. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

Treasured possessions, delicate & fragile items like crystal, glassware, paintings etc. are individually wrapped with protective material & further packed into cartons / crates for maximum protection for safe arrival at destination.

Furniture packing is done with dust and moisture proof material and further packed to withstand the traveling hazards of long distance transportation. The quality of packing at the origin point is the key to a successful move without damage.

Transporting a vehicle is no problem. Your vehicle will be transported, scratch free within India or abroad. For domestic moves we have special trucking services available to pickup your car at your door step and delivered to your door step. International car relocation is a professional’s job and we at Packways India ensure that your car reaches you safely without moving in the container during the 25 – 40 days transit time.

It is needless to say that your Pets are almost like your family member and their moving needs utmost attention. We take special care to handle such situations by providing a cozy and comfortable ply box.

Domestic pets are allowed to be imported into India but subject to obtaining an import license, which must be applied for at least three weeks before arrival of the pet into India.

Pet Moving Services Offer:
1. Pickup and delivery
2. Light kennels meeting IATA & USDA standards
3. Health certificate consultation and documentation
4. Air cargo routing and reservations
5. Per flight boarding and/or pet port of entry services

Making a move involves many unknown and sometimes unforeseeable risks. To cover and protect against these risks, Packways India offers a comprehensive insurances service to ensure the safety of your consignment in transit during domestic and international relocations. The Packways India affiliation with overseas insurance companies ensures expeditious settlement of claims in foreign currency.

We understand that you would require boxes for self-packing or personal moving. We at Packways India provide different type of boxes to meet your packing requirements. There are times when you are renting out a small space – house or office which you would want to shift by yourself, so such needs we provide our high quality boxes and other packing material (if required) which will help you move with ease. Request you to get in touch with us with your requirements.

Commercial, Artifacts & Exhibition Handling

Commercial shipments can be tricky to handle if you do not have the right documentation and the expertise to handle such shipments. At Packways India we provide you details of documents required and the local norms for all types of commercial shipments. With our expertise you will be able to import and export commercial shipments without any hassle and stress.

You will feel comfortable & confident while watching our expert personnel packing & moving any odd or heavy machinery. Our experienced & trained crew is capable of packing any machine weighing upto 37 tons & volume bigger than a 40 ft. container.

Here at Packways India, we undertake all types of fine arts moving for exhibitions, etc. Some of our services include:
• Professional Packing of Paintings & Sculptures
• Packing in Custom made cartons & plywood boxes
• Multiple destination moving
• Assistance in unpacking, setting up & repacking after exhibitions
• Storage in Transit
• Arranging Indian or International insurance
• Assisting in International Moving & customs formalities

Packways India makes sure that your exhibition material reaches safely on time. We also ensure complete coordination of logistical hassles such as, transportation, off-site storage, exhibit material shipping. We provide a one stop solution to get your exhibition materials where you want and when you want.

Storage Solutions

Long Term & Short Term Storage

Packways India offers both long term and short-term storage facilities at five locations in India. We have a huge storage area at our warehouses at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore that are fully equipped and adheres to the international quality standards.

We also provide air-conditioned and de-humidified storage to protect your high -value items or works of art. We carefully wrap, pack and seal your goods in the lift van to ensure that goods are handled the least number of times and are transported to our fully insured warehouse.

We have associate offices across the length and breadth of India where we can provide you storage solutions.

Estimate Your Move

We are committed for making your move easy, safe and comfortable.

Moving With Us !

Take your house where you move, following the 3 simple steps at Packways India:

  1. Pre-moving procedures – Personal Check-List, Pre-packing Check-List
  2. On the day of moving
  3. Relax you are moving with Packways India.

For detailed information please download our checklist here:

Settle-In Program

Settling down in a new city can be a very stressful activity but we at Packways India want to make it an absolutely exciting and enjoyable experience. We want you to feel at home even at a new home with the hospitality that we offer you to settle down.

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Guide To Move House

By planning ahead, and with the help of Packways India, you can make the move a pleasurable experience.

Tips For Self Moving

This guide should direct you with the most important tip on moving out that you should be aware of.