Records Digitization

Document Imaging & Scanning Large amounts of physical documents are difficult to manage and time consuming to look for. Transforming them to digital formats is helpful; …

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Ecommerce Fulfilment

With the growing need for warehouse facilities and a proper material handling system, we provide you the entire service of managing your products in our warehouse, and packing them as per your requirements before …

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Digital Mailroom

In a digital mailroom, incoming information arriving by mail, email, fax or other channels is captured and moved into a digital workflow. Hard-copy correspondence and forms are scanned, digitized and automatically …

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Confidential Document Shredding

Shredding confidential information to protect personal information and sensitive corporate data makes solid business sense, especially when you consider the increasing financial cost of a security breach, not …

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Record Storage

On Site & Off Site Records Management Records Management is not only about storing records in an office or an offsite warehouse. It is more about organising your records …

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Fungibles Management

Fungible pertains to your corporate commodities such as copy paper, your brochures, or even business forms. Packways Logistics can store these for you in bulk and distribute them to you on an as needed basis. …

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