With the explosion in the demand for mobile devices, the intense industry rivalry, the presence of large number of retail outlets with each country and across geographies, and together with the legal and security issues in place, one can only imagine the challenge that Telecom Operators are facing.Packways logistics solutions continues to help Telecom Operators with the complete process as follow:

  1. Collecting application forms and processing them
  2. Scanning and capturing specific information
  3. Handling different document types such as
    • Prepaid Applications
    • Postpaid Applications
    • Corporate Account Files
    • Individual Account Files
    • Billing Documents


How It Helps You:

  • Improve customer service and implement a competitive advantage
  • Compliance to Federal laws of the country
  • Complete Inventory of Documents and Files
  • Prompt Access to your Electronic Records
  • Optimize and Reduce Cost

Our solutions allows the Telecom Sector to better manage their process.