• Retail Whether you are a multi-brand retailer or a family-run shop, a retail business generates volumes of records – customer bills, transactional data, cash vouchers, supplier invoices – and every bit of record is critical for tax filing and auditing purposes. Packways Logistics understands this. Our solutions minimise the resources spent on storing and retrieving documents, transforming it into an effortless process. 
  • Personal Records It is vital to make sure that your personal documents are in place and are available whenever required.For instance documents like:
    1. Personal IDs – License copy, Pan Card, Passport cop, Ration Card, Aadhar card.
    2. Certificates: School degree, College degree, Graduate degree, Marriage certificate
    3. Purchase receipts & warranties – It is important to have the bills and warranties of the appliances bought for future reference.
    4. Insurance policies, investment documents and other financial documents
    5. Medical bills and receipts

    All this information needs to be managed properly and efficiently so make sure that these are available when required.


  • Public Sector

    The government sector has the largest inventory of records and are facing growing pressure to implement cost-effective strategies that reduce the risks involved in protecting, managing and accessing information. Packways Logistics provides customized solutions to enable efficient management of the full chain of custody from record creation and retention to secure destruction.


  • Pharmaceutical Good records management is crucial in the pharma industry. One of the most common problems we see is individuals and teams retaining their own copy of documents. In a highly regulated environment, demonstrating the reliability and authenticity of documentation is critical, so individuals making use of a central definitive source for their records is particularly important. In addition, much time and money is wasted through duplication and mismanagement of documents when carried out in an uncontrolled manner. Our Solutions ensure that their records are retrieved in accordance to the access rights provided to every person in the organisation, keeping the safety and security of the records in mind. 
  • Healthcare Hospitals, medical centres and clinics have an ever increasing load of patient data – from prescriptions and test results, to invoices and transactional data. Medical records often need to be preserved for the life-time of a patient, and beyond. Packways Logistics’s records management solutions help you preserve critical patient data in a secure and easy-to-access manner. We are here to help you make the best decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.The challenges of applying robust records management systems to healthcare grow more complex every day.

    Yet the importance of good management is a concern for everyone, healthcare professionals, patients, and governments.

    Professionals and administrators are left with the dual distractions of time wasted searching for the right information and resources spent recovering from information lapses, or inefficiencies.

    Packways Logistics works with healthcare providers’ records management and procurement teams to develop records management strategies that protect vital patient information.

    With information management expertise on hand it is possible to design and implement procedures that encourage better practices and reduce the likelihood of information breaches.

    Our services provide clinicians with simpler or faster access to patient records and healthcare providers work better with the knowledge that compliance is assured.


  • Manufacturing Records created throughout the process of manufacturing are no less essential to the success of the product and of the company, as other more celebrated components. Beginning with research, prototyping, and development and continuing through production, sale and customer support, the story of everything you make must be recorded, referenced and retained.Like other industries, it’s also necessary to collect, track and retain personnel and other administrative or financial business information. It’s equally important to comply with regulations concerning the security of all such data you hold.

    Experience in helping to streamline the flow of information and ensure its safety is invaluable.

    Our industry expertise comes from working with manufacturers to understand their needs, and designing services to match. The benefits of taking a robust approach to information management include reduction in overheads and complete confidence in the security of an often undervalued asset.


  • Legal

    Law firms and individual lawyers need to both preserve old case files for future reference, and have immediate access to current case files. Packways Logistics provides cost-effective and secure digital as well as storage solutions for your valuable client files, which allow you to retrieve documents promptly – making sure you are well prepared for court.


  • Professionals and Firms Accounting professionals and firms have to manage large volumes of data, often in an unstructured and unsorted format. Packways Logistics works with you to map electronic records to physical records, ensuring that you can easily retrieve that signed paper bill or voucher when the auditors demand it. 
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) companies have to adhere to strict regulatory protocols when it comes to preserving and managing customer records. Typical retention periods are 7-10 years for records such as account opening applications, vouchers and claims documents. Greater complexity is placing ever-increasing demands on the people who manage the records of today’s advanced financial-services operations. Packways Logistics’ facilities in accordance to the international standards where we ensure that sensitive documents are well protected at the same time easily available to authorized personnel (client) when required. 
  • Telecommunication With the explosion in the demand for mobile devices, the intense industry rivalry, the presence of large number of retail outlets with each country and across geographies, and together with the legal and security issues in place, one can only imagine the challenge that Telecom Operators are facing.Packways logistics solutions continues to help Telecom Operators with the complete process as follow:
    1. Collecting application forms and processing them
    2. Scanning and capturing specific information
    3. Handling different document types such as
      • Prepaid Applications
      • Postpaid Applications
      • Corporate Account Files
      • Individual Account Files
      • Billing Documents

    How It Helps You:

    • Improve customer service and implement a competitive advantage
    • Compliance to Federal laws of the country
    • Complete Inventory of Documents and Files
    • Prompt Access to your Electronic Records
    • Optimize and Reduce Cost

    Our solutions allows the Telecom Sector to better manage their process.